Nov 2, 2014

Mechanistic Linkage among Flow- Erosion- Suspended Sediment

Erosion is an action of fluid force which transport soil and rock from one location to another location. The driving forces for erosion are water, wind, ice and gravity. Soil loses its productivity as it loses the nutrient content, water storage capacity and organic content. Erosion due to hydraulic action is the most complex form of erosion. It occurs in land surface as well as riverbed and riverbanks. In the land surface, erosion initiates after fall of energized raindrop, which disrupts the soil integrity and cause loose soil. Both rain water and ice mass carry a lot of sediment and drains into the river. Runoff volume increases the amount of suspended sediment in the river. Based on river flow velocity, longitudinal slope, flow depth and bed roughness, riverbed also erodes and increases the amount of suspended sediment in the water.
Mechanistic linkage