Aug 15, 2010

Water Resources Condition in Dhaka

Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage Authority (DWASA) is entrusted with supply of piped water to Dhaka Metropolitan City and its adjacent area (Map). At present 75% city area is under DWASA water supply coverage, out of which 87% is from groundwater sources, the remaining 13% of the water is supplied from the surface water treatment plants. The population of Dhaka is presently around 12 million and the growth trend indicates that by the year 2025 it would be about 24 million and this will increase water demand area manifold.

Aug 11, 2010

Issues on Drinking Water Resources in Khulna

Water supply in Khulna relies on groundwater. Groundwater is being depleted in many areas of Bangladesh. In Khulna although arsenic contamination of groundwater is limited, increase of groundwater withdrawals is expected to be difficult from groundwater at the current extent.
Khulna has an enormous excess of surface water in the summer months (July to October) and relative scarcity in the winter months.

A water treatment plant (WTP) of which capacity was 450 m3/d had commissioned in 1921 on the right bank of the Rupsa River where currently KWASA office exists on. The operation of this WTP was pulled out several years ago due to depleting. Consequently current water supply is entirely depends on groundwater.